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  • Soft composite silica powder

    Soft composite silica powder

    Soft composite silica powder

    【Explanation】:Soft composite silica powder refers to the glass phase silicon dioxide powder material made of natural quartz and other inorganic non-metallic minerals by such processes as compounding, melting, cooling, crushing, grinding and classifying.


    >Basic characteristics of Soft composite silica powder:

    Item            Unit            Typical Value            
    White powder
    Mohs Hardness      
    Dielectric Constant        
    Dielectric Loss        
    Coefficient of Linear Expansion

    >Soft composite silica powder can be sorted on basis of following characteristics and prepared as required by customers:

    ItemIndex of CorrectionIntroduction
    Chemically stable composition, to ensure consistency of performance.
    Ion impurity
    Can be reduced below 5ppm
    Particle size distribution
    Available within D50=0.5-10µm
    Particle size distribution
    May be adjusted on basis of typical distribution as needed, including multimodal distribution and narrow-range distribution.
    Surface characteristics
    Hydrophobicity and oil absorption
    Treatment agent of different functions may be selected as needed by customer

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